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Discover how MCI approaches Learning & Development to ensure our team delivers top-tier expertise and service for our clients’ unique needs, and to support our talents to grow their careers. 


In today's dynamic business landscape, challenges evolve daily. At MCI Institute, we recognise these challenges and are committed to being one step ahead. Our primary focus is ensuring that our talents are consistently developing their knowledge and skills, ensuring they are equipped to offer our clients the most innovative and tailored solutions.  

To find out why continuous learning is so important in our industry, watch this interview from May 2021 with Jo Powell of The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO). 

MCI Institute philosophy 


Here's a glimpse into our commitment to excellence, driven by a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs. 

Established in 2008, the Institute has a clear purpose: to develop our talents’ capabilities and to maximise their potential to drive performance. Our foundation is built on the principle of continuous growth. We prioritise a culture that values innovation and active learning, ensuring our talents are always prepared to deliver optimal results. 


3 pillars to empower our talents 


At the heart of our development methodology is the 70/20/10 approach, emphasising the belief that most valuable learning comes from real-world experiences (70%), followed by learning from others (20%), and formal education (10%). This methodology ensures that our talents receive a comprehensive and effective learning experience. Here’s how we do it: 


1. Diverse learning channels 

We provide a rich portfolio of learning programmes, from our "Elevate" mentorship program to digital skill enhancements using our DNA (Digital Native Accumen) and DQ frameworks. Localised learning weeks and industry certifications further boost talent competencies and expertise. 


2. General upskilling 

We focus on refining essential skills for the modern world of (hybrid) work: from leadership and communication skills to digital mastery, including the latest developments in AI. These are just some of the MCI Institute’s focus areas – competencies that are critical in addressing the multifaceted challenges of today's rapidly evolving workplace.  


3. Client-centric consulting 

Beyond in-house talent development, MCI Institute extends its services to help clients address unique learning and developmental needs, ensuring they benefit directly from the Institute’s breadth of knowledge and expertise.


Servicing clients: The ultimate goal 


While talent development is at the core of MCI Institute’s offering, these converge to a single focus: offering our clients unmatched service. Be it account management, sales expertise, or project management, we ensure our talents have the necessary skills to make our clients’ experience, exceptional. 

At MCI Institute, we design, develop and deliver learning programmes and opportunities that elevate the capabilities and performance of our talents, ensuring they have what it takes to meet the ever-evolving demands of our industry. 

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For more a more detailed overview of Learning & Development at MCI, read Sustainable Development Goals: learning and development  


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Avinash Chandarana - Group Learning and Development Director