Facebook Creating an out-of-ordinary experience for Facebook's anniversary gala dinner (3)

우리의 서비스

청중을 참여시키는 것, 마법을 실현시키는 것, 내일을 만들어 나가는 것.

MCI는 고객의 문제를 정면 돌파하여 그들만의 메시지를 찾아내고, 청중을 집중시켜 고객에게 돌아오게 만듭니다. 고객의 내일을 만들어 나기기 위해, 우리는 세가지 핵심 전문 지식을 활용합니다.

SDCM Testimonial
"The Wizard behind the curtain is the MCI staff and they are spectacular. They're creative, they're driven, they're professional and they are the ones who truly made this happen."
Watch the video here

Carol Schaffer Director, Program Lead at Pfizer and Board member of SCDM

DSA Testimonial
Everyone was absolutely loving the app this year! I’ve already received so much positive feedback. The ‘App Challenge’ was a fantastic initiative to encourage people to connect throughout the conference.

Chelsea Thompson Marketing & Communications Coordinator, DSA