Shining a Light on Healthcare: A Pharmaceutical Annual Summit

ClientPharmaceutical Company

OfficeMCI The Netherlands

LocationMunich, Germany

Every year, we have the privilege of working with a pharmaceutical company to design and execute an event to inspire their employees.

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This year was no exception, as the summit served as a platform for key industry decision-makers to meet face-to-face and discuss various healthcare issues. 

Too Long, Didn’t Read 

With the help of our suppliers, we designed and executed a 3-day summit for a pharmaceutical company that included concepting, tagline and creative materials, venue organizing, travel logistics, speaker management, communications and content management, and technical production.  

The Purpose: 

The summit's focus was for the CEO and upper management to get all employees on the same page about the company's 2023 strategy. The goal was to provide a unique opportunity for employees to learn, connect, and voice their opinions while fostering a sense of community to inspire a successful year ahead. 

The Venue: 

Accessibility and ample space were the two priorities when choosing a location. We decided on a grande hotel in Munich, which had all the facilities needed – including meeting rooms, restaurants & an auditorium – but more importantly, it was close to Munch airport so that attendees from around Europe could fly in easily. 

The Concept: 

The challenge was creating an environment that would help people connect, break down barriers and encourage impactful conversation among all attendees. The final theme was “Shine. Light the Way Forward,” to match the company’s innovative spirit and shared vision of a brighter future. 

To reinforce the concept visually, custom backdrops and signage were placed around the hotel – including in rooms, lobbies, meeting areas, and the auditorium. The branding and tagline was also incorporated into screen displays, booths, and presentations.  

The Program: 

All activities focused on inspiring leadership, communication, and personal development in healthcare. Including -  

-Welcome reception 

-Panel discussions and Q&As  

-Leaders Breakfast 

-Side activities for networking, including booths  

-Bavarian Dinner, including a live performance from Happy Bavarians  

-Leadership presentations 

-Awards Ceremony  

-A Late-Night Talk Show 

Shining Results: 

300 attendees came from all around Europe for 3 days of connecting, learning, and sharing their experiences. Our partnership with this pharmaceutical company continues to inspire us each year as we collaborate to create events that facilitate conversation and learning.