Beyond Tomorrow: A Corporate Dinner in Seoul, South Korea

ClientCorporate Dinner

OfficeMCI The Netherlands

LocationSeoul, South Korea

Grand Hyatt Seoul in South Korea was buzzing with excitement as guests arrived for their annual corporate dinner.

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Grand Hyatt Seoul in South Korea was buzzing with excitement as guests arrived for their annual corporate dinner. But this was no ordinary dinner - it was a carefully curated experience designed to showcase the very best of culture, technology, food, and nature. The theme for the evening was "Beyond Tomorrow," which explored the idea of finding ways to harmoniously blend technology and nature to inspire a better future.  

Key Highlights: 

How did we do it? 

Months of planning and preparation went into the event, including venue search, risk assessment, creative concepts, and logistics. MCI The Netherlands partnered with various industry leaders to bring the "Beyond Tomorrow" event to life. Experience Conductor served as the creative director for the evening, collaborating with MCI to execute the theme.  Grand Hyatt Seoul was the chosen location for the event, that SoFrank & Profac transformed into a custom event space together with the local decor production company Kingsmen Agency. Unlimited Productions provided technical production services to ensure that the evening's performances and presentations went smoothly. Live Legends were responsible for the content and light design and The Plugged Live Show team designed the show, while AVM SF was responsible for special effects such as cold smoke and fog. Lastly, Liselotte Oomen from The Live Expert served as the show director, ensuring that each performance and presentation flowed seamlessly into the next. 

The Night Of 

These dinners are more than just a chance to showcase creative concepts - they are also an opportunity for business leaders to connect and network. The evening started with a welcome reception, where guests were greeted with drinks and appetizers and had a chance to use the photo wall.  The team entrusted the Grand Hyatt Seoul’s chefs with creating a menu featuring international flavors that perfectly balanced tradition and innovation. The room was decorated with elegant floral arrangements that paid homage to Korean culture, featuring cherry blossoms, orchids, and bamboo. 

As guests took their seats for dinner, they were treated to a fascinating live musical performance, blending different cultures into a unified and captivating collaboration. The first performance of the night was centered around the Cyr-Wheel. This acrobatic and artistic performance embodied the concept of finding balance in life through prosperity, health, and taking care of the environment. The artist was accompanied by a classic live trio featuring a cellist, bassist, and violinist. 

The second show of the evening was a kinetic motion piece, where the lead dancer represented nature and flowed with the kinetic lights that represented technology. This mesmerizing performance illustrated the values of innovation, physics, and organic motions, showing how even the smallest motion can create a rippling effect. The interplay between nature and technology was stunning and thought-provoking, leaving guests with a sense of wonder and excitement for what the future might hold.  


170+ attendees enjoyed an evening that took them beyond the bounds of imagination and into a world where technology and nature exist in perfect harmony. The unforgettable night was thanks to months of meticulous planning, creative brainstorming, and logistical coordination with various partners.