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E-community marketing strategy establishes CGI as a leading community voice.

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MCI UK is the HQ for The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI), a Federation of 9 Divisions representing over 29,000 corporate governance professionals worldwide. CGI approached MCI UK with the intention of staging an inaugural international conference, that would eventually go on a global cycle, but needed the reassurance that the Conference would be financially viable. MCI's answer was a strategic approach to optimising the development of a managed online community to substantiate interest in a global Conference.



The MCI UK team designed and developed the digital brand identity for the Institute, which encompassed the launch of a new global website, dedicated social media channels and in quick succession a global eCommunity. The result was a value-driven platform, where the community can engage in discussion forums, webinars, knowledge sharing, networking and find a central resource repository.  

Within this platform, the professional association found a valuable member recruitment tool and a way to grow its global membership base. In addition, this digital presence has become an important resource to build interest in the association’s conference and strengthen participation, by helping define relevant topics and subject matters through engagement analytics of key audiences. At the same time, sponsorship acquisition efforts to ensure the conference’s profitability were also enhanced thanks to the online community, which provided the CGI with a new way to partner with sponsors to monetise on the platform. Given this growth, the organisation relied on MCI’s expertise to develop content for the platform’s further development, resulting in a continuous source of profit for the Chartered Governance Institute. 

For an Institute with over 125 years of history, the rebrand, the global launch of a new identity and the activation of digital platforms were a crucial evolution in the Institute’s strategic direction. Thanks to the digital transformation strategy designed together with MCI, the organisation has seen a steady increase in membership as well as established themselves as the voice of the global community for corporate governance professionals.


Hear directly from eCommunity members how they are experiencing the digital platform

Governance Professional eCommunity member: 

“Hi Everyone, 
I think the advice that Peter has written and advocates is not only absolutely vital, sensible all of those things but encouraging. A light at the end of a dark tunnel. 
I follow these pages with interest being retired now and living in France as it keeps me in contact with the business world; 
To all of you be vigilant, safe, smiling and be positive and last but not least keep writing.” 

In response from another eCommunity member: 

“It's just great to see the whole idea of this platform coming to life, particularly at such a difficult time for all. The sharing of ideas and tips and the support we can provide to each other is more than valuable, it's vital. The governance community is global and we are a tight knit and like-minded community always willing to help each other. 
I really hope we can continue to do so in any way possible but particularly via the Chartered Governance Institute's e-community here.” 

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