Bridging Culture, Bridging Care: A Glimpse of ICEM 2023 in Amsterdam

ClientInternational Federation for Emergency Medicine

OfficeMCI The Netherlands

LocationAmsterdam, The Netherlands

The 22nd International Conference on Emergency Medicine was more than just a gathering; it was a push to forge a stronger, more united community of medical professionals. The chosen theme, "Building Bridges in Emergency Medicine," symbolized ICEM's commitment to bridging the gaps and breaking down barriers in emergency care worldwide. Just as Amsterdam's canals connect its neighborhoods and cultures, ICEM 2023 united emergency medicine professionals across the globe for an immersive experience in a city that captivates and inspires. 

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The Days of: 

From the moment attendees stepped through the doors of RAI Amsterdam, they were greeted by a splash of branded banners and signage illuminating each corner of the venue. Attendees were encouraged to download our congress app, which outlined all sessions, simplified navigation, and provided real-time updates. The opening ceremony set the stage for four incredible days, packed with captivating lectures, interactive workshops, and hands-on sessions that delved into various topics, from emergency medical services to disaster medicine and trauma care. The pinnacle of the event was the awards ceremony presented by The International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM), which celebrated the unsung heroes of emergency medicine and recognized the remarkable research excellence in the field. During breaks and sponsored lunches, attendees had the chance to explore the extensive exhibition hall and poster presentations. 

Beyond the Sessions:  

Amidst the hustle and bustle, we carved out special moments for guests to celebrate, connect, and recharge. Attendees were treated to a canal boat cruise with dinner and drinks, where they could take in Amsterdam's iconic bridges and historical buildings. The beauty of the canals mirrored the essence of our event's theme, symbolizing the feeling of connectedness of medical professionals all striving toward a common goal of improving global healthcare. Later in the week, attendees also had the chance to join together for an evening at StrandZuid, Amsterdam, to unwind with a spread of finger foods and crafted cocktails. The laid-back vibe of the venue perfectly captured the essence of our event's goal of fostering connections and celebrating hard work, providing an unforgettable finale to this congress.   

Onsite Marketing in Action: 

Having a dedicated marketing team onsite helped extend the event's reach and amplify its impact. Our marketing team was onsite live-tweeting and posting on social media, capturing the excitement and energy of the event in real time. Sharing key moments and behind-the-scenes glimpses created a buzz online, sparking conversations and igniting curiosity. Through these social media channels, we gathered invaluable feedback by monitoring conversations and tracking engagement metrics to gain a deeper understanding of what resonated with our audience, what areas needed improvement, and how we can continue to enhance the attendee experience in the future. 


The 22nd International Conference on Emergency Medicine brought together more than 1900 participants from 77 countries to hear from 180+ speakers. The onsite social media campaign resulted in 344 new followers and 434 mentions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter within 4 days.