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ClientThe Learning and Performance Institute [LPI]

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With the restrictions around live physical events, The Learning and Performance Institute [LPI] asked us to create a virtual awards show with celebration and people at its centre.

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The live experience needed to bring to life the Learning Awards’ ethos of recognising innovation and achievement in global workplace learning. Bringing an awards show live to every home, whilst still providing screen time and interaction with the many sponsors, would also be critical to the success of the event.



Working with the LPI, we created a fully tailor-made virtual environment to bring the show to life. Combining both physical and digital objects, our TV-style environment gave both the look and feel of your favourite chat show, whilst allowing for a safe and practical solution, given the restrictions in place.

A custom-built, branded registration page and event microsite allowed full CRM integration and GDPR compliance. This provided a designated screening page to view the awards, whilst also giving valuable real estate to sponsors and the event charity. 

Feedback data captured viewing times, sponsor interaction, polling and social media engagement. The site also hosted and provided safe access for viewers to donate to the event charity Dreamflight throughout the live show.

Combining a mix of pre-recorded and live content, we worked with production partner TH Collective to create and deliver a scripted event with seamless production to give the illusion of a fully live broadcast event. Throughout the live show, our host Claudia Winkelman interacted with studio guests, nominees and winners from their very own front rooms.



Feedback from participants and viewers was exceptional, with over 1,300 audience members from 34 countries. The creative styling of integrated live and pre-recorded content fully held up, giving the impression of a truly live event.

This creative and dynamic sequencing to the show, along with real human touchpoints, led to an average viewing time of 80 mins for the full 2-hour show plus extended engagement across social media.



Pauline Saunders, Head of Events at LPI went on to say

“The whole team have been fantastic tonight and leading up to this event. The production was incredible, it really did feel like a tv show and that was exactly what we wanted so thank you. Everything was so slick and very professional. Thank you to everyone involved.”

Giles Hearn, Head of Marketing at LPI
I just wanted to say that it’s been a pleasure working with you and the wider MCI team. You’ve been responsive, professional and patient. You’ve always been there to reassure and guide us. So, thank you.”

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Audience members from 34 countries


Average viewing time of 80 minutes (2-hour show)