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Nation Google Community 2023: Empowering Tech Communities


OfficeMCI Brazil

LocationBogota, Columbia

Discover how MCI Brazil united Latin American tech communities at Nation Google Community 2023, fostering connections, knowledge sharing and celebrating Google's community-building programs. 

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Google tasked MCI Brazil with creating a large-scale in-person event that would celebrate the diverse tech communities across Latin America and empower their members. The central challenge lay in facilitating interactions between the Google Developer Groups (GDG), Google Developer Experts (GDE) and Women Techmakers (WTM) from various nations, ensuring each participant felt included and a sense of belonging was cultivated throughout the experience. Additionally, the event needed to effectively showcase the positive impact of Google's community outreach programmes while aligning seamlessly with the company's established brand identity. 

Creative strategy 


We consulted with the client in order to set KPA’s, which we then translated into innovative ideas with the Criaplan team. 

First, we focused on creating a name (Nation Google Community 2023) that would establish a repeatable event brand that encapsulated the concept of unity between nations.

Our strategic team then devised solutions that would ensure delegates would engage with each other, share knowledge and be inspired by the different communities. The design of the event space prioritised connection. Google's signature brand colours were integrated throughout the space, while comfortable seating options like bean bags encouraged relaxed conversations.  

The event also incorporated a diverse range of culinary offerings, celebrating the unique character of each attending country and the richness of the entire region. Interactive activities were carefully designed to spark conversations and promote knowledge sharing among the different communities present. 

To ensure a successful event in the host country, our MCI Brazil team forged important partnerships with local Colombian suppliers, demonstrating a successful logistical collaboration. 



Nation Google Community 2023 successfully strengthened bonds and fostered a sense of collective growth within Latin American tech communities. Participants responded positively to the interactive elements, which generated excitement and a high level of engagement. The event's overall design effectively reinforced Google's brand, clearly demonstrating its commitment to nurturing technology communities throughout the region, and showcasing the success of a repeatable event model.  


“We love the excitement and passion that I saw today at the Summit. It’s absolutely phenomenal. The preparation, the way that this event landed to give the community what the community wanted. It was something we wanted to make sure of, and I thought they really did that. So, for that, thank you everyone involved.” – Naveen Nigam, Head of Developer Relations Americas, Google 

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