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Innovative AR solution generates leads & buzz for SAP


OfficeMCI Germany

LocationHanover, Germany

The SAP’s vision of ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ was staged at the 2019 Hanover Trade Show through an interactive storytelling concept focusing on the ‘Digital Supply Chain’.

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Most customers knew SAP as a provider of individual solutions only. The challenge presented to MCI Germany was to impressively communicate its coherent digital supply chain portfolio as a holistic end-to-end solution. The solutions, from design, planning and production to delivery and operation, were to attract both existing and new customers.



The goal was to use a target group product to make the networked competencies of SAP tangible in their entirety.

For this purpose, MCI Germany devised an innovative augmented reality solution: five transparent OLED screens were arranged in a circle around a real double-seat valve placed in the centre (SAP’s ‘Product Hero’). These five different perspectives were designed to impress viewers with the digital supply chain’s seamless character.

Through the combination of these screens with the viewers’ head and eye-tracking, the real exhibition and the virtual content could be seen simultaneously. By recording the position of the viewer's head, the animation on the screen was displayed from their perspective, creating a 3D effect. The augmented ‘digital twin’ of the real exhibit allowed physical and virtual reality to merge and created an innovative three-dimensional effect for visitors, who could deep dive into SAP’s exhibits on the exhibition stand.

Thanks to this creative technology mix, MCI Germany created a new type of AR installation:

This innovative augmented reality solution, as well as the user experience, ensured continuous interest and stimulating conversations among booth’s visitors. Overall, the showcase was a strong signal to the market and helped to establish SAP as a leading provider for innovative technologies.





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