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Investing for tomorrow's innovation at London Tech Week


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Innovators, start-ups & tech giants convene at ABP London’s first UK-Asia Tech Conference.

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After recently completing an exciting international business district development called Royal Albert Dock (RAD), ABP London approached MCI UK to help showcase their commercial district and generate business prospects during London Tech Week. From this, the UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse Conference was formed - a two-day conference and showcase that would convene investors, innovators, start-ups and tech giants with a specific focus on the UK’s links with Asia.

"Our conference is the only event with UK-Asia focus among many London Tech Week activities and sees some of the most important and latest developments in the tech industry debated by leading experts, from AI and the future of mobility, to blockchain and cybersecurity,” said Chief Operating Officer of ABP London, John Miu. "It also explores how new technologies are transforming sectors, how to deal with emerging governance issues, and how cross-continental collaboration can enhance the pursuit of these opportunities".



The UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse Conference presented a unique opportunity to design an innovative business event in a brand-new location. Event marketing was crucial to attracting relevant potential attendees and maximising awareness about the RAD regeneration project. The annual London Tech Week event was the ideal period to host the event as it attracts a high-calibre attendee audience who are all potential RAD prospects. 

As one of many sponsors at LTW, it was crucial for the UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse Conference to maximise event exposure and attendance. To ensure the event was kept front-of-mind, MCI’s creatives developed a​vivid event identity which cut through the noise and translated to the on-live experience. Senior tech leaders from the UK Government, NeuralBay, Accenture, Financial Times, Central Capital Ventura, Alibaba, KPMG, LinkLaters and others spoke at the conference and brought their insights into the world of new technologies. The profile of the event was enhanced by media coverage from outlets such as the Business Telegraph,, and the Global Times.

Adopting a human-centred approach, we took time to understand ABP’s objectives in order to realise what they wanted the target audience to think, feel and do before, during and post-event. Strategic sponsorship marketing through LTW’s online channels ensured the event was positioned in front of a targeted audience. While every touchpoint of the customer’s experience was designed with intention, from the promoted dynamic messaging to the strategic placement of onsite branding to showcase the flexible venue space. 

The first UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse Conference provided the optimal platform to build valuable business partnerships and celebrate investment in innovative emerging technologies. 



“This conference is about how companies in the tech sector can collaborate and how companies in the tech sector from across the world can see London as a launchpad”.

– Neil Robinson, Director of Global Communications, ABP

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