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Making the McDonald’s Managers’ Meeting unforgettable


OfficeMCI Brazil

LocationCosta do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil

Discover how MCI Brazil transformed McDonald's Managers' Meeting into a carnival-themed celebration, boosting engagement and exceeding client expectations.  

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The challenge 

McDonald's annual Managers' Meeting takes place globally. The challenge for the Brazilian leg: crafting an unforgettable experience for more than 1,500 attendees. MCI Brazil was tasked with creating an event so exceptional that it would be remembered by attendees as two of the best days of their lives. 

Our creative strategy 

MCI is renowned for its creativity and innovation. This event was no exception. Our team strategised the elements of an event that would showcase the very best the country has to offer: a vibrant carnival culture, inclusivity and breathtaking scenery. 

Embracing the idea of "Brazilianising" the brand experience, we conceptualised "Carnaméqui", a carnival-inspired celebration complete with personalised "abadás" (carnival costumes) and electrifying live music performances. 

An outstanding resort in Costa do Sauípe, Bahia, was chosen as the perfect backdrop – a leisure-filled haven where busy management could relax and enjoy high-quality service and thoughtfully curated meals, but also with the scope for an unforgettable mega-bash.  

The commitment to detail extended to the scenography. Our team designed a captivating blend of Instagrammable spaces, dedicated relaxation areas, and a spectacular main hall for the plenary session.  

The first evening pulsated with infectious carnival energy thanks to curated playlists and iconic Brazilian artists like Carla Cristina, supported by DJs who ensured a vibrant atmosphere throughout the night. 

The following day, a dash of excitement was injected into the "Semper Juntos" (Always Together) workshop that was held after breakfast. The prospect of winning exciting prizes presented by carnival dancers (“passistas”) ensured a fun and engaging learning environment.  

Taking advantage of the Bahian sunshine, we transformed the poolside area with vibrant activations to increase engagement. Upbeat music and branded inflatable pool toys created a festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  

After an incredible plenary session, the carnival mood continued into the second evening, with a phenomenal performance by the band Sambô. A final prize draw brought the event to a close. 

Almost 300 talents from MCI Brazil were involved in carrying the Carnaméqui theme across 3.5 assembly days, 1 workshop day and two fair days for suppliers. 15 tons of audiovisual equipment helped ensure an experience like no other, but it was MCI’s mix of creativity, innovation and flawless production that ensured that the experience for attendees was indeed unforgettable. 


Watch the celebrations unfold: McDonald's Managers Meeting 


Our commitment to "Brazilianisation" ensured this event went beyond a typical meeting, creating lasting memories. The theme, personalised gifts, interactive activities and live music all created a highly engaging experience. Interactive elements like workshops with prizes further boosted engagement and knowledge retention. Feedback from the client confirmed that the initial goals set by McDonald's were exceeded.


MCI “was impeccable in attending to all our needs. Everything is exceeding expectations!" – Chico Junior, Operations Manager, McDonald's 


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