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Making waves: OCEANS dives into event reinvention through strategic partnership

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Discover how a new brand identity, engaging content and a long-term strategic vision led to a surge in engagement, registrations and exhibitor satisfaction for the OCEANS Conference and Exposition. 

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The OCEANS Conference & Exposition, an event for global maritime professionals to learn, innovate and lead in the protection and utilisation of the world’s oceans, sought to rejuvenate their annual event in North America.  

MCI USA overhauled the existing marketing strategy, channels and branding, resulting in exceptional improvement in digital engagement metrics and a foundation for long-term growth. 


The challenge 

OCEANS recognised the need to improve the marketing and branding of their event, which had been inconsistent from year to year due to location-specific branding, as well as the overall event management, exhibit floor traffic, and innovation in terms of format, content and attendee experience. 


Creative strategy 

MCI USA partnered with OCEANS to develop a long-term strategy for growth and increase revenue; to manage all facets of the event; to enhance the exhibitor experience and drive more engagement on the exhibit floor; and to establish a strong and consistent brand for the event — all contributing factors toward ensuring the event remained relevant and continued to grow. 

In response to the branding challenge we undertook a transformative rebranding initiative, crafting an all-new event brand that audiences would recognise globally, no matter the location. Focusing on the keywords “clean, organic and minimalist” we conceptualised a modern logo and new brand identity. This aesthetic, along with increased emphasis on video content was applied across all marketing assets, including newsletters, social media channels and the revamped website. 

In addition, we worked with OCEANS to develop a long-term strategic vision that would achieve all of the event’s business goals, guide the event’s growth, ensure its relevance in the industry, and provide direction on delivering an immersive experience to attendees. 

We were also involved on the following key areas: 

The results 

The collaboration between OCEANS and MCI USA has transformed the annual event into a dynamic and thriving industry gathering.  The milestone of surpassing 1,000 followers on various platforms and exceeding budgeted registration goals underscored the success of the rebranding efforts. 

Social media followers went up 15%, unique website visitors increased 109% and email opens increased 16%.  The new marketing strategies, including consistent branding across social media and collaborative efforts with third-party vendors, enhanced attendee engagement and exhibitor satisfaction.  

Through strategic planning, branding consistency and an enhanced attendee experience, OCEANS revitalised its conference and solidified its position in the industry, while creating a unique atmosphere that helped further its mission. 


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Increase in social followers


Increase in unique website visitors


Goals exceeded


Increase in email opens


Finalist in the Savvy Marketing Campaign Awards