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MCI's association management services: Helping the 5G Automotive Association grow

Client5GAA – 5G Automotive Association e.V.

OfficeMCI Germany and logos

LocationMunich, Germany

Over nearly seven years, MCI and our sister brand logos have played a central role in guiding the association toward realising its objectives through comprehensive administrative, governance, marketing, communication and membership support.

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The partnership of 5GAA, MCI and logos is based on strategic foresight, adaptability, and professional management. The association, which was founded by eight global players in the field of connected mobility, has evolved into a global, cross-industry organisation of companies from the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries (ICT), with more than 120 member companies represented by around 2,000 delegates. MCI's pivotal role in supporting this growth story underscores the value of professional management in guiding associations to realise their full potential. 

Background and client challenge


In 2016, the 5G Automotive Association e.V. (5GAA) was conceived by an alliance of global companies from the automotive and telecommunications industries. With the promising potential of 5G technology in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, the association was formed to address key technical and regulatory issues, leveraging next generation mobile networks and integrating vehicle platforms with connectivity, networking and computing solutions. 

The primary objectives of the 5GAA association are to evolve, test and promote cellular technology-based communications solutions, to support their standardisation and to accelerate their commercial availability on the global market – to ultimately meet society’s connected mobility and road safety needs.

As the founders juggled their full-time responsibilities to their own organisations, they quickly realised that managing the association would require dedicated professional support. So they decided to entrust MCI with the management of their association, benefitting from our broad range of association solutions.

5GAA's mandate: Shape and support the new-born association to become a strong organisation with a clear governance structure, yet agile and responsive on a working level, to

MCI association management solutions for governance, growth and communication


After several kick-off meetings, MCI took on the 5GAA challenge in January 2017. It was an opportunity to support the growth of a new-born association, help it find its place and be part of shaping society’s future in an essential sector: mobility.  

MCI’s long-term experience in managing associations as well as its broad range of expertise have been to the benefit of 5GAA from the start. Over time, the range of services has continuously evolved, each tailored to the association’s developing needs.

MCI and logos association management services for 5GAA:

Administration: Streamlined operations, financial management and oversight, legal and compliance management and the implementation of IT solutions. 

Governance: Facilitation of governance structure, including the orchestration of elections and key meetings and the implementation of statutes.

Membership Management & Engagement: Comprehensive membership management and dynamic engagement strategies, including community and alliance building

Knowledge Management: Collaboration support for committees and working groups, strategic advising, and meticulous documentation for informed decision-making. 

Event Organisation: End-to-end management of diverse internal and external events (live, virtual, hybrid) as well as 5GAA’s presence at major global trade shows, enhancing visibility and collaboration in the mobility sector. 

Marketing and Communication: Targeted strategies and campaigns to amplify brand visibility and craft industry narratives.

Partnership Network: Enhanced cooperation and collaboration with partners, such as associations, cities, and local authorities.

Advocacy and Policy: Ensure that 5GAA's objectives are voiced in policy circles. Outreach and advocacy solutions.



Since 2017, the 5G Automotive Association has become a well-known and highly respected organisation, successfully creating awareness for the 5GAA mission in industry and policy circles. From an initial group of eight founding companies, the association has seen rapid global expansion to around 120 organisations, represented by 2,000 delegates.

Today, 5GAA is an active community of highly engaged members who regularly exchange, learn, and participate in the always evolving communication formats.

Membership experience is frictionless and based on a good mix of information and engagement offers – both physically and virtually. 

Targeted marketing and communication activities ensure a high level of awareness for 5GAA’s key interests, both in in industry and political circles.

Our long-term partnership: 5GAA leadership relies on a dedicated international MCI team – with a broad range of expertise. Which allows them to focus on taking important decisions and guiding the association to reach its goals.

We live this project, and it shows.

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Strategic partner

The association has evolved into a global, cross-industry organisation of companies.


5GAA has grown from 8 to more than 120 member companies, with around 2,000 delegates worldwide.


Clear governance structure implemented, yet agile and responsive on a working level.


Targeted strategies to amplify visibility and to voice 5GAA's objectives in policy circles.